The S Word

I know I can’t be the only one out there.  My problem with my skin has never involved breakouts, it’s main problem has always been dryness! I’m glad I don’t fight acne but in particularly dry times of the year I have to battle to make my skin not resemble that of dragon hide, and I’ve never been convinced that’s been all too better.

Oh, I'm sorry, was this NOT the picture of my winter skin I was looking for?

Oh, I’m sorry, was this NOT the picture of my winter skin I was looking for?

Beauty products have always been geared towards fighting oil, fighting acne, drying skin with the S word….. “Salicylic Acid”…. I’m pretty sure that ingredient has been the bane of my existence since I was a pre-teen and started worrying about my skin.

I can’t figure out why so many people are obsessed with washing their faces with these harsh chemicals constantly.  It’s a horrible cyclical pattern.  You use some crappy, harsh, mass marketed face wash. It dries your skin. You think, “hey this is great my skin doesn’t look shiny”. Then, to overcompensate that face wash stripping your face of natural and healthy oils, your skin makes MORE oil, making your skin MORE oily, making you use their product more often!

I’ve gotten to know enough people that have finally gotten it through their head not to shampoo their hair daily, why is it so hard to apply the same principle to your skin? Your skin produces oils, don’t fight it, embrace it, learn to care for it.

It is a pattern in my beauty obsession that I do love naturally derived products, free of harsh chemicals, fragrances, or dyes.  I do list Nuxe as one of my favorite skin product brands but my absolute favorite and must have product is their Rêve de Miel® Facial Cleansing and Make-Up Removing Gel 


“Soap free” is your new buzz word for facial cleansers. Trust me.

This amazing holy grail of facial washes is made with plant based cleansers, and oh the honey! I love honey…. it may be my favorite substance in this world. It’s a close contender with the coconut at the very least.  You will absolutely love the feeling of this thick and luscious product on your face and it feels like heaven after you rinse as well.

Just promise me you’ll stay away from that horrifying curse word of an ingredient, Salicylic Acid.


Brows to Wow

An absolute must of the modern day pin up gal is a lovely set of dark and structured brows. They really set off a facial structure, define your lovely features, and just in general are an essential of your look.  Ladies, please do NOT over pluck your brows.  I cannot stress this enough. For me, the first thing I will judge a girl on is if her brows are absolutely wonky.  If I see over-plucked Nike swoops I will automatically write you off as a beauty n00b.  Keep em FULL! Pluck or wax to make and accentuate shapes, not to remove half of your god damn eyebrow!

Most girls are aware of “Brow Mapping” as follows


It’s an easy concept, but so many ladies just have no clue what they are doing.  For myself, I suffer from thin brows. My thyroid disease is managed but I do suffer from the lack of brows it can come with. My Benefit brow artist and I both know the key for me is to shape and then to FILL.

There are two popular products on the market for filling in brows.

 Benefit’s BrowZings and Urban Decay’s Brow Box

browzingvs.brow box


Personally, I will never stray from my Brow Zings.  I’m sure it’s a personal choice for everyone but for me the deciding factor was the clear vs. the colored wax. Brow Zings comes with a darker pigmented wax and a lighter colored shadow to fill it with and it turns out to be the perfect combo. I make the general shape with my wax and then fill in with the color.  With Brow Box the wax is clear and then you add your colors, which to me, seem too light of color for decent brows. I just don’t like the concept behind it I suppose.

Dip your angled brush into the Brow Zings wax once or twice, and then about 3 times in your powder, and then smudge and shade in your brows after you’ve defined them.

Brows are tough, I know. they are a very precise being. Remember, brows are like sisters, not twins. They do NOT have to be mirror images, just as long as the whole picture put together is appealing you’re A OK


After I shade in my brows I go over them with Benefit’s Amazing Gimme’ Brow in Light.  This fiber gel is meant to stick to those stray little hairs and to stick to make your light thin eyebrows seem luscious in only a few swipes.  I add this after my Brow Zings to set them as the gel helps with the strays immensely as well!

The end result? defined brows that just scream “sexy ass bitch”



btw, a little cheapo beauty tip. I have heard amazing things of E.L.F’s Dupe of Brow Zings, their Studio Eyebrow Kit looks eerily familiar for only 3 dollars. Can’t say I’ve tried this one for myself, any of you ladies have opinions?



ELF has made some dupes worth having in the past, I try to not stick my nose up at them too much 😉

The Best Thigh Highs Ever Made – Kix’ies


As a curvy lady with a love for lingerie, I’ve always loved and admired thigh high stockings.  What’s not to love? They are sexy beyond belief, a symbol of sex, a pin up girls’ dream.  However, being a girl with thick thighs and deep curves, it’s been a style I could never accomplish. All thigh highs, even with “stay ups”, would just roll right down. Even garter belts would dig in weird ways and make my legs look like stuffed sausages.

kixie4 kixies3 kixies2kixiesweb

Enter, Kix’ies.

Holy shit.  First of all, they realize that not every woman is made the same. “One size fits all” is bullshit no matter how you cut it! They make sizes A-D promoting sizing up to 250lbs. I myself got the D as I do have very thick thighs. I am an hour glass shape which I absolutely love but my calves and thighs are awfully thick. I was delighted when they came in the mail, I rolled them up my legs and was happy with each portion as they continued to smoothly roll up. Then, I wiggled them in place halfway up my thigh, adjusted the sticky portion, and got up.  I half expected them to just roll right back down my leg like every other thigh high I’ve ever tried. But, miraculously, they stayed!

Not only are these plus size friendly, each and every print is gorgeous, sexy, etc. Do yourself a favor, stock up on these sunsabitches before they get picked up by a major retailer and they double in price.



My Battle Station


Better photos will eventually happen I swear.

This isn’t even everything. But, this is my desk as it stands with the products I feel like I need within arm’s length while I do my makeup on the average day.  Otherwise known as “my shame”.  I truly wish to invest in a lovely vintage vanity and some better lighting I will admit.